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Digital Business Cards for any industry

Impress the people you meet with your personalized online business card. Easily share your digital card with anyone you meet through text message, email, social media, a QR Code.

Why you need a digital business card?

A digital business card is a file that contains essential information about you and your company. A digital design like that can be shared online in one click. Along with a name, position, and contacts, you can enhance your card with interactive elements, such as links. Unlike its paper prototype, an electronic business card allows you to reach out to a bigger audience.

Connect your brand in a whole new way 

Share all your socials and contact information in a smart, contactless, and memorable way.

Share it with anyone.

You can share your contactless digital card with anyone, on any device without limitations. Your recipients do not need to download an app or sign up for a new service - your card has a QR code and unique URL which can be shared with anyone, anywhere.


Forget about the old-fashioned printed visiting cards that generally go to the dustbin. We offer freedom from boring Printed Business Cards.


Your business/personal contact information that has actionable one-click events like Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, Payment, Social Links, Maps, and more.


Create your card

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